About Us

Rob and Anya and the cats have been living aboard Ronya full-time since 2018. After meeting in Key Largo in early 2006, Anya and Rob got married the end of the same year. Anya started her dive shop, Scuba-Fun, in their living room shortly after that, and Rob kept pursuing his commercial captain job (he did not want anything to do with Anya’s business, probably a smart decision). Fast forward 15 years, Anya gave her successful dive business to her employees, and Rob & Anya have both been living semi-retired. When they are in the Keys, Rob is still working as a commercial captain, and Anya supports her friend Autumn at Stream2Sea, the only company that makes tested and proven safe (for our oceans and our bodies) sunscreens and body care products. Anya also works on various larger yachts as crew, mostly cooking, stewing, driving and mating.

Anya Elis

Anya is originally from Germany and had always dreamed of living and cruising on her own sailboat. After a corporate career she started a dive shop in Key Largo which she ran for 15 years.

Robert Doyle

Rob grew up in Australia, and after a corporate career moved to Key Largo to become a successful commercial boat captain and a dive instructor. Life on the water is a natural for him.


Sushi adopted us when she was a starving kitten in the streets of Key Largo around 2006. She is a great boat cat, she just goes to sleep on the heeling side of the boat when we move, or joins us in the cockpit.

Miss Wilson

Miss Wilson joined us from the streets of Key Largo in 2008. She is not a great sailor (she does get seasick sometimes), but she has her hidey-holes, and loves the attention of being so close to us all the time.