Working every day on getting Ronya ready…

Every day after work we spend a few hours on Ronya. Sometimes we sail, but 90% of the time we work to get her ready for the big cruise. It is not really “work” since we are enjoying every minute of it. She has never been a cruising boat (the former owners really only daysailed her), so there is a lot to be done, but we are slowly making her our home. Baby steps (pictures, galley stuff, and lots of cleaning, the hardest piece is getting the cats used to wearing life jackets!)  and big steps (solar panels, bilge pumps, through hull fittings, sails, major maintenance). Lots of paperwork too!

Ronya is being christened today!

We are making great progress in preparing Ronya for her and our journey, and we are loving every minute we spend on board and make her even “better”!

We have taken her old name off the stern, and will be putting her new name on the stern today, and then go sailing and christen her.

We will of course follow all the rules of honoring Aeolus, Poseidon, Boreas, Zephyrus, Eurus and Notus!

We have a German TV crew filming this, so I hope we will get some footage to post here…