A Family with Twin Girls

March 11, 2022
Georgetown to Hooper Bay through the Exuma Sound

Rob picked up Jen and Dan and their two 10-year-old twins Blair and Camilla in the dinghy at 10 am. Everybody was really excited to come on board and the girls screamed in delight when they saw their cabins.
After everybody settled in, we had the champagne / lemonade reception with some snacks and a boat briefing for the guests.
We pulled up the sail at anchor and left Georgetown heading south and out into the Exuma Sound. Once we got around the corner, we had a nice 10 to 14 knot wind to sail up and around Stocking Island. Lunch was served underway and consisted of Indonesian Chicken Satay, Garlic Bread, and a Hot Dog :-).
We came back into the inside of Stocking Island and headed straight over to Hooper Bay. The girls had been talking all morning about seeing fish and sea turtles, so this was the perfect spot. Armed with some carrots as turtle food, Rob took the family to the beautiful Hooper Bay beach for some beach time and turtle feeding. There was some turtle food competition as there were other people there with lettuce (which they seem to like more), but a great time was had by all.
Upon the return to Destiny III, it was family on the trampoline time, and then dinner was served. A shrimp cocktail appetizer and side salad was the grown-up appetizer, followed by boat-made from scratch Mac & Cheese (a big hit with the girls) accompanied by blackened Grouper filets for the adults.
After some more family time playing cards, it was time for the kiddos to go to bed, and the parents to relax.

March 12, 2022
Hooper Bay to Moriah Harbour to Stocking Island

Everybody was up early, and enjoyed a breakfast of Tropical Banana French Toast (sprinkled with Coconut Rum for the adults). We then lifted anchor and went down to Moriah Harbour, which has one of the most beautiful and longest beaches in the Exumas (in our humble opinion).
After taking in a meat and cheese board to hold them over for a late lunch, the family spent a wonderful late morning at the beach with no one else around, and loved it!
Upon their return, they enjoyed a lunch of greek salad and garlic pita.
As there was a very windy night forecasted, we decided to take refuge in the protected cove of Monument Beach in Stocking Island, and our little guest family got to go to the beach again!
It was Taco Saturday, so we had Grouper Tacos with all the fixings, Mexican rice, and quesadillas. Afterwards it was game and dance night, and much giggling and laughter was heard around the boat…

March 13, 2022
Stocking Island

It did get very windy early in the morning, and we were happy we were in a protected anchorage. We also got lots of rain, and Anya and Rob did the “rain drill”, running all around the boat to close all the hatches.
Everyone was a bit tired in the morning, and already automatically sleeping an hour longer due to daylight savings time starting.
We had a big continental breakfast inside the salon, and unfortunately it kept raining slightly and gusting wind, so Dad Dan and the twins went for a hike up to the Monument at around noon.
Upon their return, we had a wonderful Avocado-Tomato Salad and a big cheese and charcuterie board – they were planning on going to the Pig Roast at Chat’n’Chill Beach Bar in the afternoon and didn’t want too big of a lunch…
After lunch it started raining again, so games were played and books were read out loud until the anticipated dinghy departure at 3 pm to Chat’n’Chill. The dinghy ride over was a “bit” wet, bt that’s all part of the adventure, right?
The family enjoyed Chat’n’Chil so much, they ended up staying there until 7 pm! After Rob picked them up in the dinghy, it was rest time for Mom, dinner time for the kiddos, cookie brownies and ice cream, and then game night.

March 14, 2022
Stocking Island – Exuma Sound – Sand Dollar Beach – Georgetown

After a nice breakfast of creamy scrambled eggs, grilled sausage and toast (and lots of fruit loops :)), we pulled up the mainsail at anchor and headed towards Exuma Sound. The forecast was favorable for sailing that day and the family really wanted to sail again, so we were up for a try. Unfortunately, it was very wavy, and the winds were still much higher than forecasted, so for the safety of the family, we turned around. Everybody else that went out also came back, the forecast just did not hold its promises…
We motorsailed back into the protected harbor, pulled the sail and headed south to Sand Dollar Beach. Rob took the family to the beach while Anya prepared lunch. They came back to a salad and some snacks, and then hot fresh Cheese-Ham-Carrot Bread straight out of the galley, served with butter on the side.
After lunch was siesta time, and then the family decided they wanted to go back to the beach. They had a blast, and the girls came back with lots of sea shells.
We moved the boat over to Georgetown, where we had a nice dinner at their last anchorage: Shrimp and chicken in creamy butter garlic sauce and freshly made mashed potato patties. A few glasses of wine concluded their last night on board, and everybody got a good night’s sleep.

March 15, 2022
Georgetown, and the crew goes back to Cat Island

After a big breakfast (creamy scrambled eggs with cheese and ham + a big plate of breakfast meats) to hold them over for the flight, we headed over to Exuma Yacht Club where the family got off to catch their taxi to the airport.

We fueled up the boat and headed out, finally a chance to take a break in Cat Island and see our cats! Since we were getting a late start, we had to hustle to make it to Cat Island in daylight – the entrance into the bay in Port Howe is very narrow with reef on both sides, so nobody attempts it after dark. The wind was great, just not enough of an angle to sail fast enough, so we had to motor sail.
We did make it back before sunset, unloaded, and rushed over to the cottage, where both cats were sitting at the door waiting. It was so awesome to see them! A nice dinner with Trish and Dave, lots of pets for the cats, and then off to bed for some much needed rest.